Leesville City Court has announced an amnesty program for contempt of court warrants.

If you have a contempt of court warrant with Leesville City Court, whether it be for Failure to Appear for Arraignment or Failure to Appear for Trial, you may come in and pay your fine in full with an $80 fee and your warrant will be recalled and you will not have to pay the contempt/court costs.

If you have a contempt of court warrant for Probation Violation, you may come in and pay the $80 fee that will recall your contempt and Leesville City Court will re-setup your probation.

You will not be arrested if you are coming into Leesville City Court with active warrants in order to take advantage of the Judge's amnesty program. For any questions or to find out what your fine amount is you can contact Leesville City Court at 337-238-1531. Leesville City Court is located on the 2nd floor of the Leesville Municipal Building at 101 West Lee Street, Leesville

This amnesty program does not apply to outstanding Criminal and/or Traffic Warrants, only contempt of court warrants