The Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) released the District and School Performance Scores Wednesday and once again the Vernon Parish School District has performed near the top.

With a score of 92.1 and a growth of 3.2, the School District rated 5th overall in the state and rated 4th highest in the public school system finishing 15 points above the state average of 77.1.

Missing the top public school spot by only .7 points, Vernon has an "A" rating on 4 of the 5 indices. Those being K8 and High School Progress Index, ACT/Workkeys Index, Strength of Diploma Index and Graduation Rate Index. No other school district ahead of them achieved an "A" rating in 4 out of 5 indices.

The LDE release also showed that Vernon Parish’s score of 102.9 was the highest ACT/ Workkeys index in the state. Workkeys assessments are developed to solve actual workplace problems. Unlike other assessments, they don’t simply give an indication of reading and writing competency. Instead, they measure a range of hard and soft skills relevant to any occupation, at any level, and across industries.

In making the top five Vernon Parish had 13 of 16 schools listed as Top Gains Schools. The Top Gains School rating is given to a school if it earns the equivalent to an "A" letter grade on the progress index. Vernon Schools earning that rating are Anacoco Elementary, Anacoco High, Evans, Hicks, Hornbeck, Parkway/North Polk, Pickering High, West/East Leesville, Pickering Elementary, Pitkin, Rosepine Elementary, Rosepine High and Simpson.

Vernon Parish also had 8 schools that rated Equity Honoree. That label is given to a school if their subgroup scores in ELL, students with disabilities and economically disadvantaged are in the 90th percentile. Anacoco High, Evans, Hornbeck, Leesville High, Pickering High, Pickering Elementary, Pitkin and Rosepine High were the schools that received that rating.

The 4 school districts ahead of Vernon are Zachary Community Schools, an independent school district with a score of 95.9, Vermilion Parish, a public district with a score of 92.8, Lafourche Parish, a public district with a score of 92.5 and Ascension Parish, a public district with a score of 92.3.

Responding to the LDE scores, Superintendent of Vernon Parish Schools James Williams released this statement “ I’m excited about these high scores!

They are a result of the dedication and hard work by all stakeholders. Our

schools are continuing to do an outstanding job of educating the children in our

communities. We have excellent and caring teachers and staff who have high

expectations for all students. Our students are motivated and attentive and

come to school each day ready to learn. Our parents are supportive and

recognize the importance of daily attendance and student achievement. The

community understands the necessity of a strong public education system and

supports our schools in all aspects of learning. Our school administrators

encourage success for all students. The Vernon Parish School Board Central

Office Staff are always willing to support the needs of our schools. I would also

like to recognize the cooperation and support of the Vernon Parish School Board

that has always considered academics as a top priority in our system. All

stakeholders work tirelessly together to provide a quality education for all

Vernon Parish students.”

Vernon was one of only 9 school districts in the state to receive an “A” rating.