Fifty-eight brave souls from Vernon Parish died in World War II. Of that number, 45 listed Vernon Parish as their home of record.

The remaining thirteen were born in Vernon Parish, lived in Vernon Parish, or are buried in Vernon Parish, but entered the military elsewhere.  The 45 with Vernon Parish as their home of record are underlined.Space does not allow a complete bio. Name, home, birth and death year, rank, military branch, fatality code, fatality location, and burial and/or memorial location are provided.

Military fatality codes are numerous.  The most used codes are: KIA - killed in action, DOW -died of wounds, DNB - died non-battle, FOD - finding of death, DOI - died of injuries, M -missing, and FOL - finding of loss.

Thurman L. Allison, Ward Three, 1927-1945, PVT, USA, DNB, Contra Costa (CA), Pine Hill Cemetery

Harvey Bailey, Pitkin, 1923-1943, PFC, USAAF, KIA, Italy, Florence American Cemetery in Italy  

Arnold L. Bennett, Simpson, 1920-1944, PFC, USA, KIA, France, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  

Housel Bennett, Simpson, 1915-1944, MSgt., USAAC, DNB, Ft. Jackson (SC), Welcome Cemetery

Leonard Bond, Ward Five, 1921-1945, TEC-5, USA, KIA, Germany, Luxembourg Cemetery in Luxembourg  

Minor Brantley, Vernon Parish, 1920-1945, Sgt., USA, DOW, Germany, Riverview Cemetery in Monroe

Harvel Brown, Hornbeck, 1918-1945, SSgt., USAAC, FOD, New Guinea, Prewitt's Chapel (Memorial) and Manila American Cemetery in Philippines (Memorial)

Alfred Cain, Leesville, 1913-1945, USN, FOD, Leyte Gulf, Castor Cemetery (Memorial) and Manila American Cemetery in Philippines (Memorial) 

Robert Cain, Anacoco, 1919-1945, PFC, USA, KIA, Germany, Holly Grove Cemetery

Morris Caruthers, Leesville, 1913-1945, USN, FOD, Marianas, Courts of the Missing in Hawaii (Memorial)

Sedric Cavanaugh, Leesville, 1922-1944, PFC, Army, KIA, France, Castor Cemetery  

Fred Clanton, Alco, 1920-1943, SSgt., USAAF, KIA, Spain, Neuville-En-Condroz Cemetery in Belgium

Jack Davis, Leesville, 1924-1944, PFC, USAAF, KIA, Unk., Hasley Cemetery in West Monroe 

Aubrey Edwards, Alco, 1924-1944, PVT, USA, KIA, France, Brittany American Cemetery in France

James Edwards, Kurthwood, 1925-1945, TEC-5, USA, KIA, Germany, St. Avold Cemetery in France

Henry Evans, Hornbeck, 1920-1944, TSgt., USAAF, DNB, France, Mitchell Cemetery.

John Fasula, Camp Polk (?), 1912-1945, Sgt., USA, KIA, Belgium, Henri-Chapelle Cemetery in Belgium (Burial) and St. Mary's Cemetery in Middleborro (MA) (Memorial)

John Foster, Anacoco, 1918-1943, PVT, USAAC, DNB, Manchuria, National Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii

Roy Foster, Anacoco, 1923-1944, Sgt., USAAF, DNB, Greenville (SC), East Oak Grove Cemetery in Morgantown (WV)

Lee Graham, Anacoco, 1914-1945, PFC, USA, KIA, Germany, Old Anacoco Cemetery

John Gray, Pitkin, 1911-1944, TEC-5, USA, KIA, France (?), Lorraine France Cemetery (Memorial) and Blue Branch Cemetery (Memorial)

Leonard Green, Pitkin, 1918-1944, PFC, USA, DOW, Belgium, Ardennes Cemetery in Belgium (Memorial)

David Herring, Leesville/Rosepine, 1917-1945, PFC, USA, KIA, Belgium (Battle of the Bulge), Rosepine Cemetery

Tom Hex/Hext, Leesville, 1924-1944, PVT, USA, DOW, Marianas Islands, National Cemetery in Honolulu

Louis Hillman, Slagle, 1904-1942, USMM, FOD, Dominican Republic, Blue Branch Cemetery (Memorial)

Ray Holoway, Hutton, 1925-1944, PFC, USA, KIA, Fatality Location Unk., Campground Cemetery in Rapides Parish

Ray Hunt, Leesville, 1925-1945, PFC, USA, DNB/KIA, Germany, Castor Cemetery

Merrill Hyde, Pickering, 1920-Year Unk., SSgt., USAAC, DNB, India, Jefferson Barracks Cemetery in Missouri

Oliver Jackson, Pinewood, 1917-1942, AMM3C, USN, KIA, Ft. McKinley Cemetery in Manila (Memorial), Buried at Sea

Wendell Jackson, Simpson, 1917-1944, 1st LT., USAAC, DNB, East Sussex District in England, Cambridge American Cemetery in Cambridgeshire District, England; Welcome Cemetery (Memorial)

Clyde James, Pitkin, 1922-1944, PFC, USMC, KIA, Saipan Island, Honolulu National Cemetery, Hawaii

Crockett Johnson, Pitkin, 1920-1942, F3C, USN, FOD, Savo Island, Union Hill Cemetery (Memorial)

Floyd Jordan, Pickering, 1918-1945, TEC-5, USA, DOW, Germany, Margraten Cemetery Netherlands (Burial) and Cooper Cemetery (Memorial) 

Horace Kay, Ward Three, 1918-1945, PFC, USA, KIA, Belgium, Pine Hill Cemetery

Sam Koury, Leesville, 1918-1943, RM1C, USN, KIA, Russell Islands, Leesville Cemetery

Isaac Landry, Camp Polk, 1908-1942, Sgt., USAAC, KIA, Philippines, Ft. McPherson National Cemetery in Nebraska

James Manuel, Leesville, 1921-1944, 2nd Lt., USAAC, KIA, Yugoslavia, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in Missouri

Jethern McConathy, Ward Two, 1922-1944, SSgt., USAAF, FOD, Germany, Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in Kentucky (Memorial)

Barney Palmer, Ward Two, 1911-1944, PFC, USA, KIA, Fatality Location Unk., Good Hope Baptist Cemetery

Edwin Perkins, Ten Mile, 1923-1945, PFC, USA, DOW, Fatality Location Unk., Occupy Cemetery # 1

Norman Price, Ward Six, 1910-1943, SSgt., USAAC, FOD, Philippines, Ft. McKinley National Cemetery in Philippines (Memorial ) and Fellowship Cemetery in Hineston (Memorial)

Irving Roby, Camp Polk, 1923-1944, 2nd LT., USA, DOW, Belgium (Battle of the Bulge), Luxembourg Cemetery in Luxembourg

Charles Ross, Vernon Parish, 1924-1944, SSgt., USAAC, FOD, Fatality Location Unk., American Cemetery in Netherlands (Memorial)

F. P. Scoggins, Evans, 1912-1945, SK1C, USN, FOD, Lingayen Gulf, Ft. McKinley Cemetery in Philippines (Memorial) and Pine Hill Cemetery (Memorial)

Lindly Smith, Rosepine, 1927-1945, PVT, USA, DNB, Florida, Rosepine Cemetery

Thelbert Smith, Wards Six & Eight, 1926-1945, USMC, KIA, Iwo Jima, Ebenezer Cemetery

Glyn Stephens, Ward One, 1920-1943, 1st LT., USAAC, DNB, Monroe, Leesville Cemetery

James Stephens, Vernon Parish, 1921-1944, Sgt., USA, KIA, Italy, Florence American Cemetery in Italy (Memorial)

John Stephenson, Ward One, 1925-1945, PVT., USA, KIA, Belgium (Battle of the Bulge), Leesville Cemetery

Robert Sweat, Ward Five, 1920-1945, SSgt., USA, KIA, Germany, Lorraine American Cemetery in France and Occupy # 1 Cemetery (Memorial)

Robert Taylor, Vernon Parish, 1924-1945, PVT., USA, KIA, France, Lorraine American Cemetery in France

Barney Thompson, Cravens, 1922-1943, RM3C, USN, DNB, Hawaii, Honolulu National Cemetery in Hawaii

Thomas Tyler, Ward One, 1912-1945, PVT, USA, FOD, Fatality Location Unk., Florence American Cemetery in Italy (Memorial)

Claiborne Weade, Vernon Parish, 1908-1943, CTMA, USN, FOD, Turks and Caicos Islands, Ft. McKinley American Cemetery in Philippines (Memorial)

Joseph Weeks, Alco, 1914-1942, TSgt-4, USA, DNB, Camp Bowie (TX), Zwolle Cemetery in Sabine Parish

Albert Williams, Ward One, 1925-1944, PVT, USA, KIA, Germany, Castor Cemetery

Roy Wisby, Cravens, 1919-1944, CPL., USAAC, KIA, Belgium (Battle of the Bulge), Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Belgium

James Wise, Ward Six, 1915-1945, SSgt., USAAC & USA, KIA, Belgium, Silver Creek Cemetery