The pageant circuit is a popular pastime for many, especially in the South.

A Christmas Pageant was held in Leesville on Sunday and it made a positive impact in the life of one member of the local community. 

The Christmas Pageant was held in Leesville at the Vernon Parish Fairgrounds and saw many bright smiling faces compete in their respective categories. 

The pageant was put on by Louisiana Pageants for a Cause led by Director Rebecca Durrett. The event was able to raise $1700 dollars to benefit Justin Brown. 

Brown is a Leesville native who has had a lengthy battle with cancer. He missed work and underwent rounds of chemotherapy. During the course of his battle with cancer Brown had to miss work. To make things worse there were aspects of his medical care that his insurance would not cover.

Durrett expressed that she was honored to help ease Brown’s financial burden. She stated that she related to his situation, having gone through her mother’s battle with cancer. 

“This is something that meant a lot to me, especially since my mom had cancer and the community helped us,” Durrett said. She expressed her pride in the event’s success and her gratitude to everyone who helped make it possible.

The Leesville Daily Leader will be printing the results of the pageant, as well as pictures from the event, in our next issue and on Facebook.

Louisiana Pageants For A Cause is a nonprofit organization that puts on charity pageants to help out noble causes. For