The following report comes from the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office:

Douglas R. Bowers, age 61, of Leesville, was arrested by Agents with the Vernon Parish Narcotics Task Force following a report received from a school resource officer at Pickering Elementary School.

Agents were contacted and upon arrival learned that Bowers had arrived at PES to attend a school Christmas Play event.

While attending the program Bowers pulled his hands out of his pockets and at that time a methamphetamine pipe fell out onto the floor.

The pipe broke when it hit the floor and Bowers was attempting to hastily pick the pieces of the glass up.

Several persons witnessed the incident and reported the matter to the VPSO School Resource Officer who in turn contacted VPNTF Agents. .

Agents spoke with Bowers at the scene and ultimately Bowers handed over a quantity of methamphetamine. Bowers denied having any additional narcotics on his person.

Bowers was escorted from the premises. Bowers' person was searched during booking into the VPSO jail and an additional quantity of methamphetamine was located on his person.

Agents charged Bowers with one count of Possession of a Narcotic in a Drug Free Zone, one count of Possession of a Schedule II Narcotic (Methamphetamine), one count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and one count of Introduction of Contraband into a Correctional Facility.,

Bond was set at $13561. Bowers posted bond and was released.