Alter Bridge is coming to the Golden Nugget Casino Resort in Lake Charles on January 31. The show in Lake Charles is part of their Walk the Sky Tour which began in late 2019 to promote their sixth studio album “Walk the Sky.”

Alter Bridge has enjoyed a great deal of success since forming in 2004 with six studio albums, and numerous hits.

Guitarist Mark Tremonti described their new album in an interview with Kerrang Magazine. "It's kinda like a John Carpenter movie — this old-school synth-wave kind of vibe," Tremonti said. "Somebody might hear the record and have no idea that was intended, but for a batch of songs, I tapped into some old loops that I either created or found randomly online, and worked with them in the background to inspire me to go in a different direction. I loved working like that. We challenge ourselves to not repeat ourselves and find new inspiration to add a different layer to what we do. It's particularly challenging when you've had so many records, but when I showed Myles what I was thinking, he absolutely loved it and was on board right away.”

Tremonti spoke to the Beauregard Daily News and Leesville Daily Leader about the upcoming show in Lake Charles. The show is their first show after a month long break. Tremonti said that he and the band are ready to perform.

“I’m feeling good,” Tremonti said. “The tour has been amazing. We just did six weeks in Europe, and had some of the biggest turnouts we’ve had. Our last stop over there was in the O2 Arena in London, and it was packed out.”

Tremonti is known for his time as a founding member of the band Creed, his self named band Tremonti, and his current work with Alter Bridge. Guitar World Magazine named Tremonti the “Guitarist of the Decade.” 

Ultimate Guitar Magazine also honored Tremonti by placing his work in the number one and two spots on their Top 20 Guitar Solos list. The magazine listed his solo in “Bleed It Dry” by Alter Bridge as number one, and his solo in “Dust” by Tremonti as number two on the list. 

Tremonti expressed that Alter Bridge is excited to be coming to Lake Charles and performing for the fans. “Fans can expect four guys who are passionate about doing what they love. We are bringing a lot of energy to the show, and we can’t wait to see everybody.