Last week, a few dedicated citizens got together at Downtown Grounds to help give back to the Australian wildlife that has been devastated by the bush fires. 

Dolly Weldon, owner of Downtown Grounds kept her shop open late so that volunteers could sew new “homes” for bats and kangaroo joeys. These items were requested by the Animal Rescue Collective (ARC) who put out a list of items they use to help rehabilitate and save wildlife.

Weldon later thanked the following for their help and donations: 

Dana Bennett

Kim from Walmart

Kathleen Nichols

Jessica Ramirez 

Teresa Hunter 

Joshlyn Mcbride & the DHS Ladies Softball Team

“We were able to help make wallaby and kangaroo pouches plus some kennel pads in LSU print to send some Louisiana love to our friends down under,” Weldon said.