Bucky's Buddies Dog Rescue owner Jennifer Deason will tell you she has been rescuing her whole life, but when you hear her tell the story of how she came to start Bucky's Buddies Dog Rescue, it becomes clear that Bucky the doxen and Jennifer were both made to make a difference.

Bucky’s Buddies is a local non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue located in Rosepine, providing collaborative relocation to animals in Beauregard and Vernon Parish. 

Bucky’s Buddies works with the Beauregard and Vernon Parish Animal Control Centers, serving to get dogs out of these kill shelters, get these animals the vet care they need, and place them with fosters until adopters can be found. 

Bucky served as the big brother to foster animals in the Deason household. 

His passing on Nov. 5 led Deason to name the rescue after Bucky,  “every rescue dog brought in Bucky made friends with. He was the first one to greet any new animal and he always became friends with them right away. He was accepting of anyone and every animal.”  

Bucky’s Buddies is not a shelter, simply a relocation rescue working with sister rescues in northern states, as well as Southwest Louisiana, rescues to find fosters and potential adopters for the dogs of Vernon and Beauregard Parish. 

Beauregard and Vernon Parish are overwhelmed with shelter dogs, the shelters are full and animals are being euthanized due to the lack of adopters in the area.

The biggest cause of animals ending up in the shelter in Vernon Parish and Beauregard Parish is owner surrender, Deason says. 

The Parish’s have so many stray dogs, as well as animals being given away for free that shelter dogs are being forgotten about. Deason hopes that by expanding the market for potential adopters and fosters through the use of her sister rescue Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue these animals can find their forever homes. 

“Many of these dogs end up in the shelters due to no fault of their own, owner surrenders are another major cause for these dogs ending up in the shelter. Owners just drop off these dogs to the shelter simply because they don’t want them no more”, Deason says. “Fosters are needed to save these dogs, without fosters these animals are going to be put down.” 

Through the years that she has been rescuing dogs Deason has successfully placed between 150-200 animals with their forever home. 

A recent success story was a local dog named Lilly, who found her adopter through Bucky’s sister rescue Jonah’s Ark Rescue. Lily is currently going through service dog training with her new owner in Washington D.C. 

“Fosters” was Deasons reply when asked what could be done to help reduce the number of dogs being euthanized and limit the time these animals spend in shelters. 

“We need reliable fosters, in-state transporters for animals going to rescues or adopters, and volunteers to take photos of the animals at the shelters”, Deason says. 

“As a foster, all you have to provide the animal with is love and attention. We do the rest. We provide our fosters with food, vetting, crates, blankets, toys, leashes whatever they need. The requirements for fosters vary by the dog. We need fosters for as little as 2 weeks to 1 month. 

They just need to be out of these shelters to save their lives, until their rescue or adopters are ready to take them” Deason says, laughing as she adds fosters get paid in love and of course affection! 

For these animals of Beauregard and Vernon Parish, a foster means a second chance at life, a life outside a crowded kennel, and a chance to not break the spirit of these dogs who do not understand why they are at a shelter now.

“People tell me that I should mind my own business. They send me messages or tell me that I need to mind my business, but if I did mind my business these animals would die. I cannot sit back and mind my business knowing that there are animals who are wanted just sitting in cages, they just need help getting there,” Deason says. 

“No dog has any business at a shelter”. 

Each year, about 6.5 million “companion animals” enter shelters nationwide, and roughly 1.5 million are euthanized, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. More than 40,300 at-risk animals were relocated to U.S. areas where adoptable pets are in greater demand in 2018, according to the ASPCA.

To donate to Bucky’s Buddies or provide a foster, volunteer to take photos, or provide dog transport contact Bucky’s Buddies Dog Rescue on Facebook or contact Jennifer Deason at 1-337-401-5515 or Natascha Kirkeby at 1-913-553-0833. 

Foster an animal. Save a life.

Beauregard Animal Shelter located on Bolivar Bishop Drive is open Monday- Friday, and adoptions are from 4-5 pm. 

Animals that are in need of fosters desperately currently waiting at Beauregard Animal Control: 


Owner Surrender

5-7 years old

Intact male

Friendly & Docile

Loves his head held & forehead kisses

Addie & Birdie:

2 Female Shepherd Puppies


12 weeks old

Only needing a foster until February 8th

Heartworm, flea and tick medication administered and shots given already


Owner surrender

2 years old


Needs fenced yard

Loves running & treats