National pro-life policy organization, Americans United for Life (AUL), announced on Jan 24 that Louisiana is the most pro-life state in America. 

The annual report “Defending Life” is based on all 50 states’ laws associated with life, ranging from abortion to euthanasia. 

Louisiana’s placement as the number one state comes from seven pieces of controversial legislation passed in 2019 supporting pro-life movements. 

The state’s role in June Medical Services vs. Gee Supreme Court Case coming up Mar 4 was also considered. The government’s  2020 ballot amendment, Love Life Constitutional Amendment, and both party’s support of pro-life were factored in as well.  

Louisiana Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards is a major influence on the strict abortion laws passed in the state of Louisiana. 

“Louisiana has seen a 21 percent decrease in abortions in Louisiana since 2014,” Benjamin Clapper, director of Louisana Rights to Life, says. 

The Love Life Constitutional Amendment ensures that there is no funding of abortion in the constitution and taxpayers cannot fund abortion.

SB184: Unborn Child Heart bill, a controversial bill passed by Edwards that prohibits abortion with a fetal heartbeat, meaning after six weeks. 

June Medical Services vs. Gee is a Supreme Court case deciding whether the Louisiana law of doctor admittance regarding abortions is legal.