Recently, the story of the tragic death of a 6-year-old girl went viral. Her name was Raven. 

In death, Raven was able to help eight people who were in need of organ donation. Her mother Tanner, whose videos about the accident and the organ donation procedure touched many people across the internet, is a member of Crossfit 313 in Burleson, Tx.  In their Crossfit family’s grief, they created a WOD to honor Raven.  

They named it Blackbird; the perfect nickname Raven held during her life.

In response and solidarity, Crossfit gyms across the nation participated in the Blackbird WOD, including Crossfit DeRidder.  

On February 3, 2020, the barbells were loaded, shoulders warmed up, jump ropes laid out and boxes readied.  For 8 rounds there were 6 clean & jerks, for the 6 years that Raven lived.  

There were then 6 handstand push-ups, 26 double-unders and 13 box jumps to symbolize Raven’s birthday.  And of course, the 8 rounds stood for the 8 lives she blessed.

Some days Crossfit is all about fitness, improvement and doing things better than the day before.  But on this day, Crossfit was about honoring the loss of a child and the blessing she was to her family and the families she helped.