The Negotiators Resale Shop came to be a family ordeal due to the weather and Terri Coody’s love for yard sales.

Michael Baggett and Russel Aden kept getting rained out, due to Louisiana's unpredictable weather.

Unable to work, Michael Baggett, his wife Betty, Terri Coody and her boyfriend Russel Aden decided to venture into the resale shop business together. 

Michael, a DeRidder native, and his wife had not had any experience in the resale business.

Terri had previously done yard sales in her front yard on Bundick Lake Road and was doing so well before, she wanted to start doing it again.

Terri, Betty’s aunt, knew the resale business and how to be successful.

And The Negotiators Resale Shop began.

Michael Baggett grew up in DeRidder, his wife Betty moved to DeRidder in 1994.

Terri lived in DeRidder in 1973 and moved back in 1997, while Russel moved to DeRidder 5 years ago. 

“Our goal was to be able to provide a place that had stuff people could afford,” said Terri.

The slogan of The Negotiators Resale Shop is to “make a living not a killing.”

Items sold in the resale shop from various auctions, like storage unit auctions.

The shop offers customers a variety of items, appliances, furniture, shoes, tools, toys, even antiques. 

“We are VERY negotiable,” says Terri.

The shop hopes to offer a space for yard sales to be done out front, and for people to be able to rent space for their own yard sales.

The shop is located at 2579 HWY 171 S in DeRidder, next to A1 Designs.

Due to positive responses from the community and friends, the shop opened Wed Feb 19.

They are officially open for business.