Owners Chuck and Jackie Melsheimer started CM Farms to provide a place for families to disconnect from technology and play.

CM Farms operates year-round as a working cattle farm, as well as growing watermelon, strawberries and good times.

In 2010 Owners Chuck and Jackie purchased the 664 acres in Dry Creek and another 56 acres in 2012.

They now have a 720-acre farm to run cattle, sheep, plant produce and most importantly share it with their guests. 

“We started the farm because we wanted to educate people about farm life. Some kids might think that milk comes from the store. If people are aware of what's going on and how farming works a little more when they leave than I’ve done my job. We wanted to make a place where families can disconnect and just play as kids should.” says owner Chuck.

CM Farms holds two annual events one in the Spring and one in the Fall open to the public.

The farm also hosts field trips to educate children on farming, animals and crops year-round.

This is their 10th season of hosting festivals.

The SpringTime Event will be Mar 7- May 9 and consists of the 2nd Annual Strawberry Festival, Wool Days, Easter Hunt & Scavenger Hunt, May Day and Mother's Day Events.

The Fall Event focuses on pumpkins, harvests, and a 12-acre corn maze. 

Springtime Admission to CM Farms includes over 40 attractions and activities for the whole family to get involved in.

A few of the most popular features are the jumping pillow, corn box, wagon rides, tire mountain, cow milking, rubber duck races and feeding the animals.

For an additional cost, CM farms offer pony rides, paintball target range, hydro-blaster and gem mining. 

This is the second year that CM Farms has done strawberries.

Visitors can buy strawberries already picked, place pre-orders or visit CM Farms and U-Pick their own strawberries.

“We wanted to make a safe place, where kids can run and play and where you can be a  family and make memories,” says Jackie. “If kids leave dirty and tired, we have done our jobs.”

The Springtime Event focuses on farm-grown strawberries, baby animals, henhouse, pheasant palace, duck dynasty, turkey town, piggy place and hamburger garden.

CM Farm’s concession, Calf-A,  will offer a variety of fresh strawberry food items and drinks, such as strawberry lemonade, strawberry cheesecake fudge, strawberry popsicles and strawberry pancakes with whipped cream.

The Calf- A also offers visitors other options such as hamburgers, corn dogs, tenders, homemade pizzas, kettle corn and much more.

The whole family can come and watch sheep being sheared and even purchased the fleece during Wool Days.

The farm has around 200 Gulf Coast Native sheep, the largest flock of this kind of sheep in Louisiana.

CM Farms also holds Easter egg hunts and scavenger hunts where kids can exchange eggs for treat bags, visit with the Easter bunny and participate in the Scavenger Egg Hunt.

The Scavenger Egg Hunt features clues to find 12 eggs around the farm, and after all eggs are found they are exchanged for a prize.

“It makes you feel good,” says owner Chuck.

“Farmer Chuck says “It makes me feel like I am doing something positive. In 15-20 years these kids are going to be the ones making laws for farms and if I can educate them on farming and what goes into it, then I’ve done my part in making a proactive step for farmers.” says Chuck.

The Strawberry Festival is Mar 7-8, 14-15, 21-22 and 28-29 Sat 10-4 and Sun 1-5 pm.

U-Pick Strawberries and already picked strawberries will be available during any of the Springtime festival events.

CM Farms Springtime Festival is Wool Days is Ap 10-11 10 am-4 pm.

Easter Egg Hunts & Scavenger Hunts on April 4-5  from 10-4 pm with an egg hunt at 1 Sat and 3 Sun and April 10-11 from 10-4 pm with hunts at 1:00 pm.

May Day is May 2nd, 10-4 pm.

Mother’s Day at CM Farms is May 9, 10am-4pm and May 10 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Blanched and frozen vegetables, frozen blackberries, blueberries and peaches are also available for purchase at the CM Farms Country Store.

CM Farms is located at 252 CM Farms Road Dry Creek, LA 70634.  

For more information on CM Farms and all of the activities offered visit CM Farms on Facebook or at CMFARMSLLC.com.