“Little America” is a series of episodes from different stories of personal experiences here in America available on Apple TV.  Each episode aptly titled to describe the main character, but don’t be fooled in thinking you can come up with what each story is about. 

The series is categorized as a comedy and I can tell you while there are some laughs, the feelings that you’ll feel as the viewer will be much more profound. The episodes depict an immigrant story based on a true story and after each of the episodes you see an image of the actual person and an update on their story. 

Episode after episode creators Lee Eisenberg, Emily V. Gordon, and Kumail Nanjiani did an amazing job in bringing the viewer into each story. You don’t realize the episode is only 30 minutes long because you feel so invested in the character and their story. 

Photo Credit: AppleTv

The series has an amazing way of making the viewer hope that the best of humanity is portrayed, only to realize that the story being told includes the cringeworthy moments in life you hope no one has to endure. Each episode is based on true life accounts of the main characters. 

I had the opportunity to interview Conphidance, Nigerian actor and main character of The Cowboy episode. You’ll have to read the full interview on my website Candypo.com, but I wanted to share his words on what he wants viewers to take away from his episode and the entire “Little America” series. 

“I would love for people to seek understanding with folks that they meet and come across. Life is difficult and it's important to love one another, genuinely. We all come from different places and we will be surprised by the things that we have in common, if we shared more. Immigrants work very hard to survive in this country, and sometimes the wrong things are said about a certain group of people that are false. It would be best to have a conversation with immigrants to truly understand them and we'll find that a simple smile or a compassionate hug can make all the difference.”  -Conphidance

The series features stories from immigrants from the countries of: Nigeria, Syria, China, France, Iran, Mexico, and India.

Apple TV has already announced that the series has been renewed, but the air date has not been released. If the big feelings I felt while watching the series are felt by others, I have a feeling that the series will be receiving many awards. 

Show Synopsis:

From the people who brought you The Big Sick and Masters of None, “Little America” is an anthology series that observes the funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring and surprising stories of immigrants in America. 

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