If the coronavirus has given us anything positive at all, it’s an insurmountable amount of gratitude for our children’s teachers. 

During the self-isolation these past few weeks, many parents have been thrown into homeschooling without much instruction or practice, and more than ever, we realize how much educators do for our kids.

When it comes to COVID-19, no one could have predicted how quickly this would transform our lives, and we still do not know how this virus will continue to impact our community or country.

And yet, in an unprecedented and unplanned situation, teachers have stepped up.

They are using social media to show their students that they miss them, they are driving by their students' houses to wave hello, they are putting together study books and materials and writing letters – proving they love their students more than we know.

It takes someone special to be a teacher, but to be a teacher during these unprecedented times is to be someone amazing.

Suddenly their class, their curriculum, their goals and the students they have bonded with for the year are gone.

They had to pivot and to adapt, to find ways to make sure their students knew they were thinking of them and also providing a way to still educate them from afar.

They have to worry about the students from unstable homes, where they might not be educated or okay, they have to worry about the students missing friends and proms and birthday parties, and not understanding what is going on, on top of worrying about their students falling behind. 

They had a weekend to change everything about the way that they teach, and connect with their students.

Something is threatening our children and our community but this time it isn’t a social media threat or a false alarm, or a storm, it is a virus. 

Our school board and our teachers dove in headfirst to put together a plan to educate our children while keeping them safe.

We thank our healthcare workers and essential employees and first responders, but we forget to thank our teachers.

So teachers, thank you. 

Thank you for caring for your students.

Thank you for educating them.

Thank you for your heart and your dedication. 

You deserve a pay raise, sincerely a tired parent who is easily confused by math.

Teacher Appreciation Week begins on May 4- May 8, and while we are still unsure what will become of the school year in many states, let's make sure we find a way to thank them.