For the Critters is a non-profit thrift store, helping local animals and members of the community.

The thrift store offers donated items for sale, and the proceeds go directly towards helping with the costs of spaying and neutering both cats and dogs.

The store also helps individuals who are in need of clothing or household items as well.

Owners Debbie Perkins, Dorie Bailey, Kathy Hays and Wallace Wisby started the store to continue to serve the community, based on an idea Debbie had as a way to tackle the growing problem the area has of lack of spaying and neutering.

Debbie has volunteered at animal shelters in the past, and a surgical nurse for 28 years by trade, has always served the community but wanted to provide a way to help the local animals and the community.

“My reason for our help with the animals is there are shelters, but we need to control the amount of them having babies by spaying and neutering,” said Perkins. 

Individuals in Beauregard, Vernon or surrounding parishes who need help with the cost of spaying and neutering can contact the Critters and they will help with some of the costs associated with the procedure if the owner cannot afford it.

They plan to work with local veterinarians to ensure the animals get the best care, and they are able to pay the vet bill directly to ensure funds are being accurately used. 

For the Critters is not just for the animals, they will also help individuals who are in need of household items.

“Items in the store are priced very cheap, we want them to come and go. If an individual is in need of items and cannot afford them, we will work with them too,” said Debbie.

While COVID-19 has slowed the opening of the doors, For the Critters promises that they will open their doors soon.

They are currently accepting donations, and are accepting any item that is clean, not broken and still functional or items you would purchase in a store. 

Perkins rented the building in October, located at 203 Evangeline Street DeRider, and after its interior completion and the completion of the handicapped rails and ramp, the virus continued to halt the opening. 

Perkins has a special needs son, and the store provides a way for her and the owners to give back, as well as a place for her son to work and keep busy.

“We are taking donations if you are ready to donate items! We check clothing to make sure buttons and zippers are there and work properly. Check for stains, holes, hems, belt loops, smells, snags. All items are checked. Please make sure electric items work properly as well as clean everything and look for chipped or cracked and broken items.” said Perkins.

Donations can be dropped off at the shop to insure a contactless encounter, but please contact For the Critters at 337-348-1329 before dropping off.

For the Critters is located at 203 Evangeline Street in DeRidder, for questions regarding how to help, donate or have help with spaying and neutering Debbie can be reached at 337-348-1329.