Even if you haven’t seen Tiger King, Eric Goode’s seven-part documentary series about the infamous Joe Exotic and other private zoo owners, you’ve probably heard of it. 

Tiger King is unavoidable. 

It is trending on Facebook, Twitter and Netflix, the internet is filled with memes relating to the documentary as well as videos relating to the documentary and its featured participants.

Tiger King is so inherently wild that even if everything in the world these last few weeks was normal, it would likely find an audience. 

Tiger King made its way to DeRidder in a big, bright and unusual way, just like Joe Exotic would have it.

DeRidder residents have been taking credit for the masterpiece off US-190 in Beauregard Parish close to the Vernon Parish line, but the masterpiece comes from the billboard company itself, Delia Outdoor Advertising.

“It was a collaboration of Delia Outdoor and Adam Owen. After several days of thinking if it would be a hit or miss, we decided to run it and see if we could get some attention stirring during these times.  Who could use a laugh?” said owner Sharrod Delia. 

For those who have been living under the Tiger King rock, Joe Exotic is currently in federal prison serving 22 years following a conviction for animal cruelty and a murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin.

Baskin, a rival of Joe’s, husband Don Lewis mysteriously went missing over 20 years ago, and her various rivals are convinced that she killed Don and fed his body to tigers, or put him in a septic tank on the property, and quite frankly the entire internet seems to be right there with him. 

Joe has a whole mixtape showing his thoughts on Carol and his love for his tigers and his husbands.

Joe is the most colorful person chronicled in “Tiger King,” though not for lack of competition: the episodes are full of polyamory; alleged reality-show-related arson and body-disposal-via-hungry-tiger; meth-taking; and ill-advised political campaigns.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son joked about lobbying for his father to pardon Maldonado-Passage, Joe Exotic’s actual last name.

Trump on Wednesday, April 8 said he’ll examine a request for a pardon from Joe “Exotic”, stating “I’ll take a look” after being asked about his son's support for a pardon during a White House briefing. 

“(The board) probably will be coming down this week. Yes, new material coming!” said Delia.