The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused most events to be cancelled or postponed. Governor John Bel Edwards’ Stay at Home order restricts large gatherings and implores the public to maintain social distancing. In spite of this, one event in SWLA is still going on ahead as planned.

Go Topless Weekend on the Cajun Riviera is still going to happen as scheduled at Holly Beach in Cameron Parish. The annual event is scheduled for May 15-May 17. Go Topless Weekend is a national event in May that encourages Jeep owners to get out and enjoy the nice weather with their vehicles with the top down. The event is free and open to the public and advertises three days of fun in the sun.

Organizers of the event put out a post on their official Facebook page proclaiming that they will be going ahead as planned with this year’s event. 

An excerpt from the post reads: “National Go Topless Weekend on The Cajun Riviera is still on! Unless the governor, himself, shows up to block the beach, we will be there, and that’s all there is to it. We started this local chapter of this national holiday to promote Jeeps and SWLA. We’ve heard some have cancelled their reservations at rental properties. We want you to keep them. Our dream for the three days we hold this gathering was to bring back the glory days of Holly Beach. We want the residents and property owners to reap the benefits of having us there. There are many residents of Holly Beach who look forward to this weekend as much as we (and you) do.”

For more information log on to their official Facebook Page GTW on the Cajun Riviera.