On April 29, 2020, Outskirts Press Inc published The Chronicles Of a Wildlife: A Series of Short Wildland Firefighting Stories by Vernon Parish Louisiana native, Brandon Lyons. 

The book offers a glimpse into the perilous world of wildland firefighting based on actual events.

The short stories featured in the book come from the men and women who fought them firsthand as firefighters of the wildland fire service. 

The Chronicles Of a Wildlife: A Series of Short Wildland Firefighting Stories is Lyons most recent published book.

Lyons, a Louisiana native, relocated to Leesville, or as he describes it a small central Louisiana town situated just east of the Sabine River.

Lyons began his career path in law enforcement, but the desire stemming from his high school fire service experience led him to pursue a career as a Wildland Firefighter, an occupation he still has today. 

“I decided to write them really because of the level of interest people display when I tell a fire story so I figured if people are that interested in listening to me talk about a fire, maybe they'd like to have a small compilation of stories to read,” said Lyons. 

In his free time, he enjoys fishing and playing his bass guitar as well as volunteering for his local fire department as well as being a proud father to his four children. 

Lyons continues to run a successful production company where he operates as a commercial sound engineer and an event coordinator.

“The 6x9 black & white paperback in the drama and general category is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a suggested retail price of $11.95. The webpage at www.outskirtspress.com/wildfirechronicles was launched simultaneously with the book’s publication,” stated the Official Release. 

For more info or to contact the author, visit www.outskirtspress.com/wildfirechronicles