The global COVID-19 pandemic has derailed many popular traditions in the local community, and graduations were not immune to the changes. 

On what would have been the day of her graduation, Rosepine Senior Leah Catherine Thompson released a song dedicated to the Class of 2020 and about going out and facing the world after high school. The song, titled “Sure Fire” was written back in February by Thompson, Billy Glaze, and Scott Wisby.

The song was released on social media platforms and has been viewed 30,000 times on Facebook. In the video, Thompson expresses her thoughts and feelings while making the song. “The whole experience of creating this song has been a blast,” said Thompson. “I thought the most perfect day to release it would be the day that I was supposed to graduate. We didn’t realize the relevance this song would have today, but it’s not about what we’ve lost. It’s about the good times. It’s about holding on to memories when making that transition from childhood to adulthood.”

The video is filled with footage and pictures from Thompson’s Rosepine High School classmates, and can be described as a celebration of a very special time in a young person’s life. While recognizing the disappointment shared by her and her fellow classmates at their Senior year being cut short, Thompson also expressed her heartfelt sympathy for all those who have been negatively impacted by the virus. 

“I think we can all agree that we [Seniors] did not lose the most here,” Thompson said. “There are people who have lost a loved one, or their jobs. There are people who had to cancel their weddings. Health workers had to give up time with their families to save others. Knowing that, I find it kind of hard to feel bad for us [Seniors].”

Thompson’s talent and sincere message has resonated with the local community and caused the video to go viral. As thousands have listened to the song, many have expressed their pride in Thompson’s talent and positive representation of the Rosepine community. 

To listen to the song and hear Thompson’s heartfelt message, the video can be viewed in full on her Facebook Page, and YouTube channel.