A terrible byproduct of the global COVID-19 pandemic is that there are people who are out of work and unable to afford food. One local leader is leading the charge to help out those in need. Louisiana Representative Rodney Schamerhorn is coordinating with the Food Bank of Central Louisiana to distribute food to those in need in the Rosepine community. 

The Rosepine Police Department issued the following statement with instructions about food pick up:

“Representative Schamerhorn and the food bank will conduct a drive-through food distribution for the Rosepine Community on Friday, May 22 at 10:00 a.m. at Rosepine Elementary. Cars will drive through the usual pick-up lane. There is not an income requirement but you need your driver’s license. As long as you have not received from the food bank in the last month you are eligible. Please share throughout the Rosepine Community.”

Schamerhorn has recently been conducting similar food distribution events across Central Louisiana in conjunction with the food bank. Founded in 1989, the Food Bank of Central Louisiana is a nonprofit organization that works to prevent hunger by distributing food to needy families in Central Louisiana.