We all know the muffin man, but what about the bread lady? A local woman and her trusty pup Fonzie have been making waves across Facebook and in DeRidder’s Farmer’s Market for her homemade bread. Meagan’s Bread Box is the homemade bread Meagan Risch has been making to help combat bread shortages during the pandemic.

Risch, who relocated here with her boyfriend who is stationed at Fort Polk, knew that when she began to see empty bread shelves she could use her baking skills to help.

Meagan sells White Amish Bread and Banana Nut Bread for slightly above cost, she makes every loaf in her home from scratch using a recipe she has perfected.

“I saw that bread was out in stores and I wanted to use my baking skills to help those who needed bread,” said Risch.

Meagan’s bread has become a local favorite, selling out within hours at the Farmer’s Market this week.

Meagan sells her Amish White Bread for $3 a loaf and Banana Nut Bread for $7 a loaf. 

“I planned on bringing nine loaves of Amish White Bread on my first day, I got an order for 4, and sold out in a few hours. The next day I brought 12 loaves and banana bread and sold out in two hours. Then I brought 17 Amish White Bread and 3 Banana Nut Breads and sold out in two hours. I just bought 225 pounds of bread flour to make more loaves.” said Meagan.

Each loaf takes around three hours from start to finish, and working a full-time job as an online teacher for VIP Kids Meagan does not get a day off.

“I teach for VIP Kids. I quit my teaching job and was able to teach online full time. I love to build relationships with students. I have been teaching with VIP Kids for 777 days as of today, taught 5856 classes and taught 1866 students,” said Meagan. 

Risch teaches 7 days a week and continues to bake bread for locals.

She assures her customers that even after the pandemic she plans on selling her Amish White Bread and Banana Nut Bread at the Farmer’s Market and online on her Facebook page Meagan’s Bread Box.