Dr. MarkAlain Dery believes that as the world begins to reopen wearing a mask, being persistent with hand washing and outlining the importance of contact tracing is the best way to prevent a second wave of Covid-19, or a hard hit to small towns.

Dr. Dery, an infectious disease doctor at Access Health in New Orleans, has been following the disease since December after realizing something was spreading affecting the respiratory system. 

“I do not think that people should have stopped going places entirely, there are ways to protect yourself, but the quarantine was needed, it has led to a better understanding of the virus, “ said Dr. Dery.

The lockdown has led doctors to have a better understanding of the virus, how it spreads and how to present it.

“We learned that contact transmission is not the biggest cause of transmission, it actually happens the least through contact, transmission occurs highest through the respiratory system.” said Dr. Dery.

“It is important to recognize that transmission occurs mostly through A-symptomatic and pre-symptomatic persons. Asymptomatic meaning that they have no symptoms, and presymptomatic persons who have been exposed to the virus but have not yet come down with symptoms. “ said Dr. Dery.

The lockdown allowed for officials, doctors and the government to discuss the best ways of how to mitigate risk.

Dr. Dery believes that mask-wearing is the best way to protect yourself and to avoid the second wave of Covid-19, as well as small towns being hit as hard as major cities.

“Masks, masks, masks, masks. It is important to wear masks outdoors as well,  to practice social distancing and indoors to practice social distancing as well. Virus transmission is possible. I do not see enough people wearing masks. Everyone should be wearing one.” said Dr. Dery.

“Never walk into any room without wearing a mask. I cannot stress mask-wearing enough. Flattening the curve will only happen with mask-wearing and strategic testing, as well as people being forthcoming with contact tracers.” 

Dr. Dery asks the public to be forthcoming with contact tracers if you get contacted, as it is the only way to get on top of the curve and to identify clusters. 

“If you do not tell people what to expect, how they are part of a cluster, they will not know what to do if they are contacted. Please be cooperative. None of us like this. If we can be a unit, and a unifed way helping health agents and authories we can get out of this Covid-19 pandemic.” said Dr. Dery. 

Mask wearing cultures have had less outbreaks.

Austria has had a 90% decrease in cases since mandating masks. 

“People need to become okay with the universal acceptance of mask wearing and testing strategies.” said Dr. Dery.

More than 50 countries require people to cover their faces when they leave home.

Western countries are experiencing higher rates of COVID-19 infections compared to Asian countries because of the West's aversion to wearing masks. 

Dr. Dery believes that it is safe to go out, wear masks, but emphasizes the importance of being safe and recognizing the risk.

“It is safe to go out, just remember to practice social distancing, mask wearing and avoid crowds and gatherings.” said Dr. Dery. 

Singing is a super spreader of Covid-19.

The right testing, the right population, the right time, community based contact tracing are all ways to minimize the amount of people who become infected.

“The importance of getting people ready to know that they will be contacted by a tracer, and how to explain where and what they were exposed to is essential to flatten the curve.” said Dr. Dery.

Small towns have not been hit as hard as major cities, but Dr. Dery warns that if mask wearing, contact tracing and hand washing measures are not followed that there could be a second wave of Covid-19, and it will affect small towns drastically more than the first.

Dr. Dery hosts daily 10 minute podcasts called Noise Filter on all podcast platforms, outlining Covid-19 information and more.