DeRidder native Dr. Erin Bardin has returned home and is opening a dermatology clinic. 

Bardin Dermatology is slated to open Wednesday, July 1, 2020. It is located on Royal Street. They are accepting patients to their waitlist. 

Bardin is a graduate of DeRidder High School. She earned her undergrad at Northwestern State University. From there she attended Med School at LSU Med School in New Orleans. She went on to do her first residency in Baton Rouge. 

Bardin is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Dermatology. She completed a residency in both departments of medicine.  

“I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to be a dermatologist. I ended up doing both internal medicine and dermatology,” said Bardin.

Bardin and her family found themselves in Fairhope, Alabama where she has been for the last seven years. 

Bardin says that coming home was always part of her plan. 

“All along I knew I wanted to come home and have my own practice, that was always the goal,” Bardin said.

Bardin credited her mom Sunshine Bardin and growing up in a health care environment as to why she decided to be a doctor. 

“I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. Probably because mom was a nurse and I grew up at Beauregard Memorial Hospital, and I was around all of those doctors,” Bardin said.  

“My mom always told me ‘if you go into medicine you need to be a boss,’” laughed Bardin. 

Bardin went on to say her family and friends influenced her decisions to come home. 

“We are so close to our family and friends and when we found ourselves driving to Louisiana every weekend we decided it was time to make a change. Then when we started our family we wanted them to be close to their grandparents and grow up in a small town,” Bardin said. 

Bardin Dermatology already has a growing waitlist, which Bardin says has all been word of mouth throughout the town.  

As of now, Bardin Dermatology will be fully equipped and ready for any of your Dermatology needs, but Bardin intends to add on some more cosmetic services as they grow. 

In closing, I asked Bardin the question I ask all DeRidder graduates who come home: “Do you still pull for the Dragons?” To which Bardin laughed and said, “Of course!”

To get a hold of Bardin Dermatology you can contact them at:

Office phone: 337-202-8803

Office fax: 337-222-4013



A little about Dr. Erin Bardin

Dr. Erin Bardin is the daughter of Kade and Sunshine Bardin. She is the sister to Devin Bardin and Hunter Bardin. Together, Kade and Hunter own and operate the local business Bardin Vending. Devin is a successful lawyer in Baton Rouge. 

Dr. Erin Bardin is married with one little girl and another baby due soon.