‘Round Here

G. Collins

COVID-19, the killer virus of the pandemic we are living through right now, does not require a policeman or fireman to be first on the scene  

In most cases, the infected individual finds his or her own way to their doctor’s office, a quick-care facility, or to the emergency room.  And that’s where the medical community goes into action, once again, every time, to save our lives. That’s what they do, they work non-stop to save our lives.

Meet Hollis, a member of the new First Responder Unit at Walmart in Leesville. I met Hollis the other morning when he was pulling a cart loaded with groceries to load in my trunk.

The only way to stop this 21st-century plague we find ourselves in the midst of is for people to stay away from other people.  Period.  

There will not be a vaccine for it, experts say, for at least a year or maybe more.  The testing equipment is extremely scarce, so you could actually have the virus and not even be aware of it.    

Walmart and Market Basket are both providing this service to its customers. 

But, I heard from a reliable source, starting at 6:00 a.m.on April 2, there will be one entrance to Walmart open, the grocery side, and only a certain number of shoppers will be allowed in at one time.

Are you having problems getting enough food for your family?  Does the baby need diapers, formula, etc?, To our outlying communities and rural areas, how are you getting your groceries?   Do you know of any elderly residents who may need help? What do you need that is essential for life, yet impossible to find?  

Tell me your stories of the hardships COVID 19 has bestowed on you. Together, with the help of experienced people in our communities, we can surely fill food banks and baby banks and pet banks. 

We are being called on to help our neighbors by simply just staying away from them. That will be the greatest service we could ever do for our fellow human beings, and history will point this out.  

We can and must do this, Vernon Parish!   Do not offer this virus a ride with you on your unnecessary trips to visit family and friends.       

P.S.  I had a great joke about the toilet paper fiasco all of us have heard about, read about, or have witnessed first hand at our local grocery stores.  

But, as of two days ago, I read patients with Covic 19 are presenting themselves at health care facilities with symptoms that do include vomiting and diarrhea. (Geez, and it was a good joke, too.)

We will defeat this horrid virus at some point in the future. It has deeply touched a lot of people in our parish, in so many different ways.  

Please email me atgnellcollins@outlook.com  and tell me if the difficulties you are facing are causing you any problem in purchasing food, medicines, or essentials for you or your family.  Or any other difficulty you are experiencing, or if you just need to write your feelings down and let someone else hear them. I’m listening. (Thank you,

Frazier Crane.)  

I will, in turn, desperately try to find an organization with a food pantry or any other services to help you get through this worldwide pandemic, this anxiety-building illness that no one reading this right now has ever been through.  Ever.