Singer Waterworks District 2 announces rolling outages, customers asked to store water

Staff Report

The following message is from Singer Waterworks District 2 and was released on Wednesday evening:

We are doing Rolling Outages.

During these hours of restored water, our customers are asked to store as much water as possible.

Water will be restored today until 6:00 p.m., then turned back off until sometime tomorrow.

1. North of Singer (Bob Cooley Rd to Ben Elton Rd)

2. South of Phelps Prison to DeQuincy (including Hwy 12 E, Hwy 389 W)

3. We restored water to the Fields area and turned it back off from 5:00 p.m. to tomorrow.

Here is the problem with this severe ice storm:

The customer's demands are greater than what our Wells can supply.

We are turning off water during these critical hours in order to pressure our system back up, in order not to have a complete system failure.

Got to our Facebook page to see updates also: Singer Waterworks District No. 2 (new) it is listed under Singer Waters if you can't find it. The page can be found at