Kirkeby honored for volunteer service

Courtesy of BPSO
Natascha Kirkeby was honored for her dedicated volunteer service to the BPSO Animal control division.

Beauregard Parish Sheriff Mark Herford honored Natascha Kirkeby for her volunteer service. Kirkeby has dedicated a great deal of time over the past two years to the BPSO Animal Control Divison.

The BPSO released the following statement about Kirkeby's service on Wednesday:

Sheriff Mark Herford honored Natascha Kirkeby today for her incredibly selfless "dedication over the past two years volunteering countless hours assisting Deputy Krista West with our Animal Control division. Natascha has been the driving force behind hundreds of animals being rescued to include vaccinations and medical care and has fostered many herself. Sheriff Herford added that Natascha’s work during the hurricanes was above and beyond and was instrumental in our office’s success in navigating all the obstacles we had during that time. Last year alone there were over 400 dogs adopted out with only 7 that were not. Thank you again Natascha for your selfless dedication and love for our four legged friends."