Doster arrested by VPSO

Leesville Daily Leader

Doster was arrested on charges of criminal damage to property, criminal trespass, and theft over $25,000 on December 28.

The arrest stems from a report of a stolen tractor from a residence in the area of Smithbrook Road. According to the VPSO, Doster allegedly taken the tractor from a residence without permission in an effort to get his truck out of the mud. Deputies found the tractor with Doster’s vehicle on private property and both were stuck in the mud.

According to the VPSO, Doster owned a gutter contracting company that was working on Fort Polk Army Base. At one point in the investigation, deputies spoke with Doster and his employees about the tractor. In those interviews, all of them denied knowing anything about the tractor. It was also noted that the crew checked out of their bed and breakfast on the same day that the theft report was filed.

Further investigation led to the December 24 arrests of David Jeffery Taylor, and Bryan Leon Grippando. Both were charged with trespassing and subsequently posted bond. During that time detectives spoke with Doster on his cell phone. Doster allegedly told the VPSO that he was going to turn himself in.

Doster was arrested without incident on December 28. He has since posted bond and been released.