Galbraith files lawsuit against state


Galbraith entered a plea deal for Manslaughter and Attempted Aggravated Rape, with a 71-year sentence. After serving nearly 20 years of that sentence, Galbraith was to be paroled. However, that parole was rescinded due to a mailing mistake that kept the victim's mother from getting a notice about the parole hearing.

His attorney’s claim that his parole should be reinstated due to a lack of due process. Thehearing for the Complaint of Declaratory and Injunctive Relief motion has been postponed indefinitely. 

Galbraith was convicted of manslaughter and rape charges in relation to the death of Karen Eads Hill. Galbraith was convicted of the crime in the year 2000. The crime occurred in 1988, but the case was unsolved for nine years.

Prosecutors said that on the night of November 21, 1988, Galbraith abducted Hill from her job at a convenience store on Entrance Road in Leesville. He took her 10 miles away to Kisatchie National Forest. There, he raped her, tied her to a tree with a shoelace and shot her in the left eye.