Leesville man arrested for domestic assault

Leesville Daily Leader

Alfred Eugene Wallace, 61, was arrested on Jan 17 after an argument resulted in him threatening to kill people in the residence. The VPSO and New Llano Police Department responded to a call at a residence on Bridgette St.

When officers arrived at the scene, victims told them that the incident began when Wallace was scolded for walking around in only his underwear while guests were present at the residence.

According to the VPSO, the situation escalated when Wallace threatened to kill everyone at the residence. Wallace allegedly brandished a gun while making the threats. Wallace was arrested without incident and booked into the VPSO Jail.

He was charged with one count of domestic abuse aggravated assault, one count of aggravated assault with a firearm, one count of disturbing the peace, and one count of illegal possession of a stolen firearm.

If convicted of these charges, Wallace could face steep fines and a lengthy prison sentence. According to state law, Wallace could face up to ten years in prison on the aggravated assault with a firearm charge. His bond was set at $75,881. As of this writing, Wallace was still in the VPSO Jail.