Leesville Captain D's wins Trident Cup

Micah Pickering
Leesville Daily Leader

Captain D’s in Leesville was recently recognized for the positive impact they have made on their customers and community. 

The Leesville franchise received the Trident Cup for the month of January. The Trident Cup is a monthly award given out by Trident Holdings LLC, and it recognizes the success and impact of an individual restaurant.

To receive The Trident Cup the local franchise must show that it treats people well, gives exemplary service, and provides that service in a clean and friendly environment.

Tim Boone is the Area Director for North Louisiana and Southeast Mississippi. He explained what makes the Trident Cup stand out from awards given out in other restaurant chains.

“The Trident Cup is something we came up with to showcase the quality of our restaurants. Most restaurants strictly focus on the financial component,” Boone said. “We as a company wanted to show that the greatest part of our business is our people. Without our people, we wouldn’t be able to run successfully.”

Boone expressed his pride in the hard work and high standard set by the Leesville Captain D’s location, and he explained why they won the award this month. 

“The Leesville location has received high Google scores, a lot of positive feedback, and very few complaints,” Boone said. “That is why we chose Team Leesville to receive the Trident Cup. I’m really proud to present this cup to Lenetta and the rest of Team Leesville.” 

Lenetta Borque is the General Manager of the Captain D’s restaurant in Leesville. She expressed that she was proud of her team and thankful to the community. 

“I’ve got a great team here, and I’m so proud of them,” Borque said. “I also want to thank the Leesville and Fort Polk communities. They are what made us.”

She stated that she was pleasantly surprised when she got the news that they would be receiving the cup for the month of January. 

“When we found out we just about had a heart attack. It was a great surprise,” Borque said. 

“We want it again in February. We want to win it every time. That’s our goal and what we are striving for.”

The hard work shown by Borque and her team has not gone unnoticed. At the rate they’re going, this is likely to be the first of many accolades they receive.