Pickering Elementary teacher goes above and beyond

Leesville Daily Leader

Last week, Kim Brown, a First Grade teacher at Pickering Elementary School(PES), shared an inspiring story with the paper about one of her colleagues who deserves some recognition.  

Linda Harvey, 76, is one of PES’s reading intervention teachers. But for Brown and her class, Havery has come to mean a lot to all of them. 

“At the beginning of the school year, I noticed a Facebook post that encouraged teachers to ask people to adopt each student in their classroom and accept the challenge of praying for that student all year,” Brown said.

“You simply give them a number and that person promises to pray for that student. It was pretty successful but I had about eight or ten students that had not found sponsors. Miss Harvey came to me and told me that she and the ladies at her church would pray for the rest of those students throughout the school year.” 

But Harvey didn’t stop at just prayers, this year she stopped by the classroom to speak to the students she was praying for and tell them how much she cares for them. 

Sometimes she has treats in hand and has even taught a couple of lessons to Brown’s class. 

One of those lessons was during Christmas time. The lesson was about the symbolism of the candy cane and its stripes and how they relate to Jesus. 

Recently, Pickering Elementary participated in a Kindness Week. During this themed week, Harvey took the time to visit Brown’s class to teach a lesson on kindness. 

She read to the students about the importance of showing kindness every day and explained that little things can change someone's bad day into a good one. 

During that lesson, Harvey gave each student a small metal mailbox filled with hand-written reminders of how they can be kind to others. 

In closing, Brown shared her feelings for Harvey and explained why she wanted to ensure she received recognition. 

“I truly believe that Mrs. Harvey and all those who are praying for my class each day have had a huge impact on our school year. In my years of teaching, I have not had a teaching environment that is so calm and relaxing. We thank her so often for what she does but she always replies by explaining that she thought she was going to be praying for a class but in fact, our class has been a huge gift to her,” Brown concluded.