First positive coronavirus case confirmed in Vernon Parish

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Leesville Daily Leader
Leesville Daily Leader

In alignment with the assurances we made to each of you as our community members, friends, and family to keep you informed at all points of this journey, we want you to know that we have received confirmation of our first positive Coronavirus patient. Out of obligation to our healthcare providers, patients, staff, and our community, we first notified the Office of Public Health, then the provider who cared for the patient, at which point that provider notified the patient. We are currently notifying all caregivers and personnel who may have come in contact with this patient during their visit at Byrd Regional Hospital. The patient was seen in the Emergency Department and was sent home to self-quarantine. All personal protective equipment guidelines as well as isolation precautions from the CDC were followed as prescribed. We will continue to keep you updated throughout this process as our community members are one of our top priorities. We appreciate your cooperation and teamwork as we continue to provide healthcare in a calm and well informed spirit. Thank you for helping us keep our community healthy and reducing public fear and anxiety.

Byrd Regional Hospital is committed to providing high quality care to our patients. Part of that commitment is providing a safe environment for our patients, employees, and the community. In our preparation for COVID -19, we are following policies and procedures already in place concerning infectious disease. Those policies were developed using guidance from the CDC and the Louisiana Office of Public Health. We recognize these guidelines are frequently changing. We will modify our practice to reflect the most current standard. 

Byrd Regional Hospital Administration