VPSB halts meal program

Leesville Daily Leader

The program offered free meals to students that need it with school out for an extended amount of time due to COVID-19. 

Vernon Parish School Board Superintendent James Williams released the following statement on Wednesday:

"We have continued to work out several issues for the feeding program. It has been operating very efficiently and has been very helpful to several people. I commend the food service workers, the food service staff at the central office, the Principals, and the parents for their outstanding cooperation and patience in this endeavor. Unfortunately, there are some factors we cannot control. The lack of commodities, food, supplies, and the limited access for deliveries has extinguished our resources. We are very concerned about the safety and well-being of our employees with the spread of the virus continuing at this rate. Therefore, we will have to suspend our feeding program after Thursday, March 26. Thursday, March 26 will be will be our last day to feed. We are exploring other possible options. We have applied to the Federal Government through Baylor University for a feeding program for students. Information will be given to the media with further instructions. We will also keep you updated on the VPSB website."