Fort Polk continues updates

Leesville Daily Leader

Brigadier General and Fort Polk and JRTC Commander Patrick Frank, Hospital Commander Colonel Jody Dogai and Garrison Commander Colonel Ryan Roseberry took questions from Facebook viewers and gave updates on their respective areas Thursday afternoon.

Brig. Gen. Frank announced that Fort Polk has moved from Health Protection Condition Level (HPCON) from Bravo to Charlie, meaning the installation is at a substantial risk.

“Installations will limit all access to essential personnel only and will limit the numbers of access points. All unit personnel are expected to follow all social distancing guidance to continue protecting our force,” the Army said in a press release.

Brig. Gen. Frank confirmed 264 quarantines on post – 145 soldiers, 111 family members, seven Department of the Army civilians and one contractor.

There are also 82 people in isolation – 40 soldiers and 42 family members.

“We've been transparent with all of those across our community and those outside of our installation gates,” Brig. Gen. Frank said. “We will continue to have that posture here at JRTC and Fort Polk and will inform you and your family of any positive results that we have here at the installation. Our hospital team is keeping us well informed of any of the tests that are coming back from those in isolation."

Soldiers returning from TDY that traveled through COVID-19 hotspots, such as airports or certain cities, will go under review to determine if they need to go to quarantine or isolation.

The COVID-19 screening area on Fort Polk has tested 358 people, with 36 going into quarantine and 40 going to isolation.

COL Roseberry updated services on post and said the Exchange, Main and North Fort Shoppettes, Class Six, the barbershop at the Exchange, Firestone Auto, the military clothing store and all fuel pumps remain open.

He confirmed that all shipments are coming to the Commissary as normal, however, the buying habits of customers have changed. He said that customers need to adhere to the purchase systems for different products – beef, chicken, toilet paper, etc.

COL Dugai said they are being very liberal with putting people into isolation and quarantine. Their methods are in line with the amount of testing supplies and the time it takes to get results back.

The hours for the drive-thru pharmacy, X-ray and labs are 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. She also reiterated that people with medical problems should call first, even if the provider is off-post. 


  • Fort Polk is expected to receive equipment to process COVID-19 test around April 1

  • It will take a few days to get the equipment online and to do quality assurance. 

  • There is no date for PCS moves, but they are making a list of those scheduled to PCS and are building a database with their jobs and move location

  • COL Dugai provided a walkthrough for the drive-thru pharmacy and how it works