VPSB extends school closure

CARLY JOHN | Staff Writer
Leesville Daily Leader

Louisiana Public Schools will remain closed for the rest of the month, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced at a Thursday press conference, shortly after the state Department of Education told school districts that high school seniors could finish school remotely. 

“They’re going to come out with an announcement soon, and I really don’t want to get in front of them,” Edwards said. “I don’t believe you are going to see folks retained unnecessarily.”

The extension takes the statewide closure within weeks of the end of the 2019-20 school year calendar for many schools across the state. It is not yet clear if the state Department of Education is considering recommending keeping schools closed through the end of the academic year.

The department says diplomas are still scheduled to arrive at schools on time and that schools are responsible for graduation plans, either virtually or when it’s safe to hold ceremonies.

The department will soon issue further guidance for schools on promotion in elementary and other grades.

Vernon Parish Superintendent James Williams released the statement:

“Governor Edwards announced this afternoon that all schools will remain closed, at least, until April 30. This is in accordance with his “Stay Home” order that was updated today. Questions about graduation requirements, graduation exercises, promotion requirements, and any other curricular or extracurricular activities have been and are continuing to be addressed each day. We are receiving guidance relative to these questions from LDOE and are working with Principals to make decisions to address these issues. We will communicate this information as soon as possible to all stakeholders. Again, all schools and school facilities will remain on "Shut Down" until at least April 30. I will continue to update you on a consistent basis, as I receive information. Continue to visit the VPSB website and your school website for more information.”