VPSO warns citizens of scam

Leesville Daily Leader

The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office has been contacted by two complainants regarding a scam. Both individuals indicate that they received a telephone call from the main telephone number at VPSO (337-238-1311). Scammers have the ability to have caller identification display a number of their choosing.

A male subject identified himself as Deputy Bob Womack, badge number #7512. The subject then advised that he was calling regarding an outstanding Jury summons. The subject then requested the complainants send money in lieu of being arrested.

This is a scam. Do not send any money to this caller. If you are contacted by this individual please do NOT send any money as it will not be recoverable. VPSO would make a phone call to you for failure to appear but would NOT request money.

Also an in person notification for failure to appear on a jury summons would take place if you can not be reached by phone.

If you are contacted and need to verify a traffic ticket contact 337-238-7222. To verify outstanding taxes contact 337-238-7221. To verify a warrant contact 337-238-7220. Please monitor your elderly family and friends so they do not become a victim of scamming.