Merchants & Farmers Bank announces lobby reopening

Micah Pickering
Leesville Daily Leader

Louisiana has entered Phase One of reopening the state after a lengthy Stay at Home order has kept most places either closed or open with restrictions. While Phase One does not mean the pandemic is over, it does mean that there are ways for businesses to open with fewer restrictions in comparison to the Stay at Home order. Merchants & Farmers Bank has announced that some of their office lobbies have officially reopened.

Merchants & Farmers Bank has released the following statement regarding the reopening of three of its office lobbies:

“As of today, May 18th, the following three office lobbies are now open for business: Uptown [Leesville] (400 North 6th Street), New Llano (3002 Colony Blvd) and Lake Charles (4091 Nelson Rd).

Customers do not have to wear a mask to enter the bank, however, if you think you are at risk, please notify bank personnel upon entry.

Please be advised, you may be asked to remove your mask temporarily for identification and security purposes.”