Food Bank to remain open through summer

Carly John
Leesville Daily Leader

The First United Methodist Church of Leesville announced that they will continue its drive-through food pantry throughout the summer. 

The First United Methodist Church of Leesville has always served through their food pantry, but with school closures and the coronavirus pandemic, they have been serving the community with their drive-through food pantry since March. 

“Since Louisiana schools had shut-down, we have run a Drive-Thru Food Pantry for seniors and families feeding their children home. We are so glad to be able to serve about 60 families a week for the past 9 weeks as Drive-Thru Food Pantry. We may have served over 4,000 individuals for 9 weeks in the Vernon and Fort Polk area. Without your help, we can't keep this ministry so we are so grateful to all donors and volunteers. We work together for the glory of God,” stated the Church. 

First United Methodist Church of Leesville is here to serve Vernon Parish through their food pantry Mondays between 9-12.

The FUMC food pantry is open to all residents of Vernon Parish, and you do not have to attend the church to receive food.

However, the church says they will not turn anyone hungry away.

“Last Monday, the governor lifted the Stay-at-Home order. Everything seems to be back to normal, even though we know it will take some time to get back to a new normal. Considering the transition period, we decided to have our food pantry remain as Drive-Thru Food Pantry for the entire Summer(June, July and August),” stated FUMC. 

The Food Pantry is a small pantry and they are desperate for donations to be able to serve the public. 

Items that go into every food package are desperately needed:

  • Oatmeal

  • Jelly

  • Can Spaghetti-o’s

  • Can soup

  • Can beans

  • Tuna/vienna sausage/can chicken

  • Spaghetti sauce

  • Can vegetables

  • Peanut butter

  • Macaroni and cheese

  • Can fruit

  • Ramen

  • Rice

  • Dry beans

  • Spaghetti noodles

Monetary donations, as well as food donations, are always being accepted by the food pantry in order to continue to serve those in need, to donate contact Pastor Sean at 562-237-0626.

“Please keep this wonderful ministry and volunteers in your prayers. In addition please spread this news to your neighbors in need,” stated FUMC. 

The Food Pantry will be closed on Memorial Day Monday May 25.

“One of each item on the whole list costs less than $20 and can help feed a family.” said volunteer Jackie Sherman. “We are here to help, it is our mission to help everyone who is in need,” said Sherman.

First United Methodist Church is located at 202 N Fifth Street Leesville, LA.

For more information on the food pantry or FUMC of Leesville, contact the church or Pastor Sean at 337-239-3828.