VPSB Superintendents update: Reopening for the upcoming school year


The VPSB is planning for students to return to their campus for the 2020-21 school year. With the unknowns involved in the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are developing several contingency plans. The LDOE released guidelines for the reopening of school yesterday and we will closely follow these guidelines. We are aware that our faculty, staff, students, and parents are waiting for the details for 20-21 school year. Once these state recommendations are fully completed and we know the path forward, more information will be forthcoming. A face to face educational setting is what we know is best for our students; however, school days may need to look differently as we have to implement safety guidelines and protocols. 

We are developing plans to bring our students back to their campuses, this fall. While our number one goal is to have our students back in our classrooms, we are have formulating plans to also include a hybrid model of schooling that will allow half the students to attend in person, while the other half participate through virtual learning (Google Classroom). These groups would attend every other day or every other week. For the families who are not comfortable with their students returning to our campuses in person, virtual education options will be available so no student will fall behind or miss any opportunity.

We will be releasing details that are more specific in the near future. We want our stakeholders to know that we are hoping to see our students in August, but we will take every necessary precautionary action to keep our children and employees safe. Please keep in contact with your school for guidelines. We also encourage you to follow your school website and the VPSB website for additional details for the 20-21 school year. As part of our planning process, we ask that you complete the parent survey that we have provided for you on the VPSB website.

Thank You,

James Williams


Vernon Parish School Board