Revisiting: Vernon Arts Council, Part 4

Billy Crawford | Guest Contributor

This is Part Four of a series to recognize the positive effects the Vernon Arts Council has had on the entire Vernon Parish community. We recognize that an effort such as this was led by devoted leaders from all segments of the community, working together. 

The performances for the Season Four included Justin Wilson, Harry James Band, Stars of the Royal Ballet, The Shreveport Symphony, and Bob Crosby and the Bobcats.

Justin Wilson, famous Cajun humorists, kicked off the new season for the Vernon Arts Council.

Justin Wilson described himself as part-Cajun. He was born in the small town of Roseland near Amite in Tangipahoa Parish, located on the Louisiana-Mississippi border. As a young man he was an itinerant safety engineer who often met Cajuns during his travels and developed a talent for telling Cajun jokes and stories, and for his cookbooks and cooking show.

 As he often said,“ I gar-on-tee!” Over 700 patrons in attendance thoroughly enjoyed his performance. I was fortunate to be one that night. 

The officers of the Vernon Arts Council Season Four were: President Evelyn Utke, Vice-President Judy Pauley, Pud Freimark Secretary, and Lissa Pollacia Treasurer. 

Committee members were: Jim Kitts, Marjorie Anderson, Rick Kuykendall, Anne Palastra, Maggie Siegfried, Beverly Blount, Sally Kramer, Nick Pollacia, Martha Palmer, Marilyn Kasson, Tony McDonald, Ernest Abad, LeRoy "Buster" Lambert.

The Vernon Arts Council continued to co-sponsor the Heart O' Leesville Art Show. 

The research for this series would be impossible without the online use of the Vernon Parish Library's digital archives. Mr. Howard Coy, Jr. and the Library Board members are to be commended for providing this easy access to Vernon Parish history. Otherwise, it could have been easily lost over time.