LGAP grants Vernon Parish money for wastewater treatment repairs

Mike Reese
Leesville Daily Leader

Senator Mike Reese has announced that the Vernon Parish Police Jury has received funds for some much-needed repairs. 

The Vernon Parish Police Jury was granted up to $300,000 from the Louisiana Local Government Assistance Program (LGAP) for FY 2019-2020. The funds are to be used for emergency repairs to the existing wastewater treatment plant at Sandy Hill Water and Sewer, Inc. The Vernon Parish Police Jury’s grant application was approved by Governor John Bel Edwards on March 11, 2020.

 The wastewater treatment plant at Sandy Hill Water and Sewer, Inc., alongside several of Louisiana’s other rural plants, is aging and continues to need repairs.  As their infrastructure declines, cracks, corroding of water pipes, and water leaks are more common. This can lead to water loss and additional costs.  

“It is important that we invest in our water, sewer, and wastewater treatment systems,” said Senator Reese. “The plant at Sandy Hill needs several emergency repairs if we are to continue giving the citizens of Vernon Parish access to clean water.” 

The LGAP is a grant program that gives financial aid to local governments where there is no federal funding. It is for urgent matters and gives priority to issues of health, safety, and quality of life.