VPSB shares important updates

Staff Report
Leesville Daily Leader

Next Friday, May 22ndwill be the last day of school for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Below is some information about end of year procedures and grading information, as well as summer school, Class of 2020, and Athletics updates, to better assist parents and staff in navigating the close of the 2019-2020 school year. 

End of the Year Student Check-in/Pick-up Process 

Each school will be making contact through Remind or JCOM calls to communicate the directions on how and when families may pick up their personal items from schools and pay any fees that are owed. This includes items left on campuses prior to the school closure (i.e. books, athletic equipment, etc). They will also set a time to pick up senior supplies, (invitations and caps/gowns). Check-in and check-out procedures will look very similar to the “Grab and Go” meals distribution that we provided the first weeks of school closure and the technology check-out distribution model. Safety will be our number one priority during these processes. Check your school website for additional information. 

Elementary End of the Year Grading Guidelines 

Teachers have been providing a variety of distance learning methods for students during this closure. All of the work has been enrichment and no grades have been assigned to students during this time. Grades for the first 4 six weeks were averaged to determine a final average for the year. All students were given an opportunity to complete a packet of work to raise their final grade average by one letter grade. 

Secondary End of the Year Grading Guidelines 

Since the closure, students have been receiving distance learning opportunities from their teachers. These have been provided in many different methods. This work has all been enrichment and no grades have been assigned for this work. Students’ final grades will consist of the average of their 1st-4thsix weeks grades. Students will be given a grade recovery packet which, if completed, will raise the student’s average one letter grade. Report cards can be picked up at the schools on/after May 26th

Updated GPAs and Class Ranks 

The Class of 2020 GPAs and Class Ranks will be updated after all grades are finalized by May 15th. Students will receive a copy of their final (not official) transcript with their diploma at graduation. 


Students may contact their school office and request an official transcript. They may request these transcripts be sent to universities or a copy to themselves. These will be mailed on completion. 

Class of 2020 Information 

Senior items have been distributed at the schools, except Simpson. If your student has not picked theirs up yet, they may contact the school and schedule to pick it up on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 8-12. Simpson will be distributed on May 19th

Graduation Ceremonies 

Graduation ceremonies will be held between May 30 and June 9. They will be held with Phase One Restrictions of 25% capacity. Each student will receive 6 guest tickets for graduation. The revised graduation dates, times and places are listed below. 

School Date Time Location: 

  • Anacoco High June 7, 2:00 and 4:00 AHS Gym 

  • Evans June 8, 6:00 Evans Gym 

  • Hicks June 8, 7:30 Hicks Baseball Field

  •  Hornbeck June 6, 10:00 Hornbeck Gym 

  • Leesville High May 30, 9:00 and 11:00 LHS Football Field 

  • Pickering High June 8, 6:00 PHS Football Field 

  • Pitkin June 6, 2:00 Pitkin Auditorium 

  • Rosepine High June 8, 7:00 RHS Football Field 

  • Simpson June 9, 6:30 Simpson Auditorium 

Summer School 

Each campus is developing a plan for summer remediation/enrichment based on grade levels and student needs. These plans will be reviewed by the curriculum department prior to implementation and will follow state guidelines for re-opening. Each school will be allocated an amount of money based on student population. The plan will include a possible small group face-to-face and/or on-line distance learning presented by teachers. Work will be based on grade-level standards in ELA and math. 


The ACT that was scheduled for March 17 will be given on June 2. All juniors can take the ACT for free. Any senior that has not taken the ACT can take it for free, as well. Any other senior wishing to take the ACT should contact their school counselor. Juniors will have another chance to take the ACT in October, as well. Social distancing will be observed during testing. Students will also be required to wear a mask. 

Summer LEAP20205 High School Retest 

This retest will be held during the week of June 15-19. This retest is for students who are NOT graduating seniors and previously did not pass one of the LEAP2025 HS tests. Schools will be contacting these students and let them know which date their test will be given. There is a possibility that this date could be changed by LDOE. If it is changed, students will be notified immediately. 


The LDOE has put together the Education and Workforce Development Task Force. The Task Force will develop operational guidance related to the safe operation of summer camps, summer school, and summer extracurricular activities. The group will also develop guidance regarding summer athletics and school transportation. We are in a holding pattern as far as athletics is concerned and no summer activities can take place until we receive guidance from the Task Force and the Superintendent and I put out a statement on how we will move forward. 

2019-2020 Registration for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Returning Students 

LDE is providing guidance as to how registration for Pre-K will take place and each school website will post the procedure when this is released. Each school has been asked to develop a registration plan for kindergarten, new students, and returning students based on the safe distances guideline for re-opening. This registration procedure will be posted on the school website and other media will be used to get this information to parents. Again, safety is our number one priority.