From the Editor: Let's bring it home

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Leesville Daily Leader
Leesville Daily Leader

COVID-19 has turned us on our axis, but it has shown us that together we are strong.

To our health care workers who have been at the frontline of all this, we owe you a debt of gratitude. 

To our grocery store operators, we thank you for your patience as we lose our minds over toilet paper.  

To our hairdressers and beauticians, may we never take you for granted again. 

It is time now that we turn our sights inwards and focus on LOCAL. 

We here at the paper know that our community makes our world turn, so we want to make sure we are doing all we can to help support local. 

In conjunction with our parent company, we have launched the Support Local innovative.Support Local — — allows businesses or residents to add new listings, which are verified using Google technology. By visiting this website and adding your local business to the lists, we can all better support our local economy. 

Support Local allows for a centralized place where local businesses can reach out for help and local citizens can give back. 

We have already come so far in our fight against this pandemic. Let’s bring it home. 

To find out more on our Rebuilding America initiative visit