Evbuomwan heading to Lamar

Leesville Daily Leader

Evbuomwan signed his National Letter of Intent to continue his athletic career as a Cardinal in the fall.

"It's very unreal," he said. "I never thought I would be here. When I started my career in football, it was just something I was doing. I never thought I would make it this far in it.

"I really like what they are building with their new coaching staff. I really like their energy, and the academics they offered really suited me."

Evbuomwan lived in Maryland at Fort Meade before moving to Vernon Parish two years ago.

"Young kids are afraid of change," he said. "Of course, I didn't want to move to Louisiana, but I'm glad I did. The opportunities it has opened up for me by becoming a Wampus Cat is unreal."

Leesville head coach Robert Causey praised Evbuomwan's athletic traits and talent in other sports.

"You can't coach his size or speed," he said. "I promise you that we did not enhance that at all. That was God-given ability. We talk all the time about running track and what are doing to separate yourself from kids that are in the same grouping and have the same talent as you? It boils down to running."

Lamar went 4-8 last year, leading to new head coach Blane Morgan taking over the spot.

Evbuomwan will play in the different linebacker spots at Lamar – rushing the passer off the edge and dropping into coverage at the middle linebacker position. Regardless, he is ready to get to Beaumont and put in the effort. 

"I'm going to show up and work hard," he said. "I can tell they work hard, even the coaches. Everything is a family, so they're working, too. I'm just going to jump in and work.

"I'm excited for the challenge. When I went on a visit, I saw how they set it all up. It's very organized, and they have a couple of new coaches coming from the Air Force Academy, so it's structured."

Evbuomwan marks the 14th Wampus Cat signed to play football at the next level over the last four years. 

"Anytime a young man has an opportunity to extend his academic career through athletics, you're happy for him and his family," Causey said. "It speaks highly about our school because it can produce kids that can be successful at the next level."