DeRidder, Leesville play to draw

Leesville Daily Leader

The Dragons and Wampus Cats finished in a 0-0 tie Friday night as their regular seasons near an end.

"We haven't played this well with an intensity like that in a while," Leesville head coach Jacob Chambers said. "It was nice to play in an almost playoff environment like that. It's fun to play in a high, upbeat rhythm than just going through the motions of a game.

"You're never happy ending in a draw but you're never really upset, especially in a game like this where it wasn't one-sided and we weren't playing for a draw."

With just a couple of minutes left on the clock, DeRidder had a chance to get on the board, but a penalty kick attempt went off the top crossbar to remain scoreless.

"We played pretty good throughout the game, but the field was sloppy and it put us into some sloppy situations," DeRidder assistant coach Noah Coronel said. "We played hard, and unfortunately, we came out with a tie.

"Some days we have good PKs, and some days, we don't."

A minute later, Leesville had its own chance to get a shot into the net, but Efosa Evbuomwan’s shot was deflected by the DeRidder keeper as the game came to a close.

The Wampus Cats had just four shots throughout the night, but their defense held up and caused problems for DeRidder (15-4-2), along with the wet field.

"Defensively, I think we worked really hard, and all the communication we've worked on all year is finally paying off," Chambers said. "I made a lineup change up in the back to have Nick Delapp and Mattis Schmidt in the back. They are big, strong guys. You can't go through them."

Sam Brocato came up with 11 saves for Leesville.