A look at several President Truman historical sites, what you need to know about airlines and luggage, jet lag tips and more.


  American Tourist   President Harry S. Truman was born on May 8, 1884, in Lamar, Mo., and attended high school and law school in suburban Kansas City, Mo. Today, the main Truman historical sites are within 15 miles of each other near Kansas City.   Where: Independence, Mo., Grandview, Mo.   What: Harry S. Truman National Historic Site, Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum and Library   Harry S. Truman National Historic Site: This site preserves the family farmhouse and the longtime home of Harry S. Truman (1884-1972). The Wallace House (aka Truman Home) is in Independence, and the Truman Farm Home is in Grandview.   The Wallace House, 219 North Delaware Street, was the home of Truman after his marriage to Bess Wallace. Bess Truman's maternal grandfather, George Porterfield Gates, built the house. The couple’s only child, Mary Margaret, was born in the home on Feb. 17, 1924. The site also includes the two adjacent homes of Mrs. Truman's brothers, and, across Delaware Street, the home of the president's favorite aunt and cousins. Guided tours of the site are conducted, and a visitor's center is housed in a nearby historic firehouse.   The Truman Farm Home, 12301 Blue Ridge Blvd., was built in 1894 by Harry Truman's maternal grandmother and is the centerpiece of a 5.25-acre remnant of the family's former 600-acre farm. Truman worked the farm as a young man, from 1906-1917. It was here, said his mother, that Harry got his "common sense." Guided tours are conducted during the summer, but there is no visitor center on the site.   Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum and Library: A site dedicated to preserve the papers, books and other historical materials relating to President Truman. It is located on a small hill facing U.S. Highway 24 in Independence. It was the first presidential library to be created under the provisions of the 1955 Presidential Libraries Act and is administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. The president and his wife are buried in the courtyard of the library. The museum includes an introductory film tribute to Truman, which leads to the two floors of exhibits, including photos, film clips, news clippings and memorabilia covering Truman's life and career.   Sources/more information: http://www.trumanlibrary.org, http://www.nps.gov/hstr, Wikipedia.org   Travel Tales   If you were going on a 1,800-mile pilgrimage, you’d probably take a plane, or travel by car, at least. But one Polish man traveled that distance on foot – and pulled a cart, no less. Police in Germany recently reported that a man was stopped when drivers reported the man pulling his three-wheeled cart on a major highway. After finding out the man’s story -- that he was on the way home from a Catholic pilgrimage that took him to Portugal – and inspecting his cart, which was deemed road-worthy, police let him proceed.   Good to Know   You might want to think about packing light from now on if you’re traveling by plane. Starting May 5, five of the seven major airlines will start charging $25 each way if you check a second bag. The two major carriers not charging extra (for the moment, at least) are American and Southwest.   Fun Facts   - Guadalajara's characteristic salsa is called tapatío, but choose your words carefully when buying it; tapatio also means a resident of the city. (Wikitravel.org)   - Bedwellty House and Park in Tredegar, a small town in Wales, lays claim to hosting the world's largest lump of coal. (Wikitravel.org)   Travel Tip: Jet Lag Tips   - One way to avoid jet lag for short stays is to ignore the difference in time zone and maintain the same sleeping schedule as you would according to the time "back home," perhaps keeping lights on to simulate daylight and pulling shades to simulate night. This is less practical for longer stays, or when traveling several time zones from home, which would place you far out of synch with local hours.   - The impact may be diminished by gradually adjusting your sleep schedule in advance of a long-distance trip. For example, before flying from California to Germany, you might start a week ahead of time, going to bed and waking up an hour earlier each day. By the time you actually made the trip, your sleep schedule would be almost in synch with your destination.   - Another remedy is to attempt to have a normal day, but in terms of the time zone you've flown into. If you land at 7 a.m., for example, you will probably have been served breakfast on your flight, so head to your accommodation (ask if they can mind your luggage if it's not check-in time yet) and go and see some of the sights, making sure to get some fresh air. You'll feel tired, particularly by the mid-afternoon, but keep pushing on until an early dinnertime. Eat dinner and then go to bed. You should be tired enough for a good night's sleep, but have some sleeping tablets handy in case. After a couple of nights, you'll have adjusted. (Wikitravel.org)   Talk Like a Local: In Norway   It was nice seeing/meeting you. Goodbye. - Det var hyggelig/hyggjeleg å treffe deg. Ha det bra! (De var hygg-e-li å treff-e dei. Ha de bra!)   GateHouse News Service