Corpses hung from the gigantic, ominous black and red tent as I approached the entrance of Paranormal Cirque.

“Ticket please,” the attendant said through a blood-splattered mask.

You can’t chicken out now I whispered to myself, trying to muster up some courage. Dark, eerie fog filled the hallway. I’d have to cross it to reach my seat, and that’s when I heard the chainsaws revving up.

“Paranormal Cirque is a brand new concept that’s touring the United States. It’s the only circus of its kind,” explained scare actor, Sarah Fish (aka Sally Rotten Appleblossom). “It’s sexy, racy and has a horror theme -- so leave the kids at home!”

The show was about to start, a show I had volunteered to attend, one dedicated to unleashing my worst nightmares through an entertaining fusion of circus acts, theatre and cabaret.

“The Cirque gives people the nostalgia of a traditional circus but the punch of a horror movie. It’s the best of both worlds,” Fish said in a phone interview ahead the show’s West Palm Beach premiere.

Here are 3 reasons this is a can’t-miss date night experience:

The run. If you arrive early (at least an hour before), you’ll get some serious scream time with your date. You’ll literally have to run for your life together. What’s more romantic than that? The narration. Coming from a mysteriously, hooded conductor, his booming voice fills every corner of the room in between impressive feats from the talented cast. The especially creepy voice from “Original Sin” will remind you that there is no escape (or is there?) The acrobats. The physicality of the cirque’s actors will drop your jaw. Will they make the leap, stick the landing??? These stunning acrobatics might inspire you to unleash your inner-daredevil. After seeing scare actors defying gravity and climbing to unimaginable heights, you may finally get that badass motorcycle you’ve always wanted.

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